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S101 Stratocaster Electric Guitar black $99 (msrp $199)
New York Pro 5 string Bass red $139 (msrp $299)

Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar SD 6G candy apple red $99 (msrp $159)

Dauphin Classical Model 60 Vintage $550 (people asking $525-1000)

Yamaha FG335 acoustic Vintage '70s $450

Oscar Schmitt acoustic/electric OG260 $150 (msrp $259)

Fender DG-11e Black electric/acoustic $159 (msrp $349)

Fender DG-7 Acoustic 90s spruce top $200 (msrp $299)

Voxton Vox ES175 vintage '68 $395

Hondo Les Paul lawsuit '70s $295

Manhattan Valco style Lap Steel matching Amp and case 40s/50s $595

Antech Octavia Octavio Tychobrahe Mayer $150

Boss CS-3 Blue Compressor $75

Silvertone Bass 150 '60s $300

Kay 720 all tube late '50s $495

Heath TA16 solid state '70s $400

Kingston Head Cab solid state mini stack '70s $300

Bogen CHB-35a '50/60s all tube head re-voiced for Tweed/Marshall style $400

1978 Marshall JMP Master Model 50w MKii Lead (2204) $1600

Echoplex Footswitch EP-2 Reissue NOS Switchraft '60s Cabling $99

Cry Baby Vox Dunlop Clyde McCoy the best wah's you'll hear $150

MXR Omni Rack Effects '70s/80s all their vintage pedals in one box $499

Echoluxe Custom Audiophile Cable ECC17 $50

Antech Stereo Tremolo rare ping pong two amps $169

Antech Vintage Germanium Fuzz the best you'll hear $169

Fender Princeton '60s Blackface market value

Fender Princeton '60s Silverface market value

Fender Champ '50s market value

Fender Bassman 70 combo '70s market value

Plush 100w head '70s market value