"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Gretsch. The action and playability is now fantastic - a far cry from the stock setup. The string height at the first fret is perfect now and the intonation is spot on.  I've played it in church for the past three weeks. This could easily become my favorite guitar.  Thanks again for another great setup!"  Dave M. (Omaha)


"The pedal is fantastic. I have never heard anything quite like it. Nothing says fuzz like Germanium. Wow! I bought a case of 9 Volts.

I am enjoying my T-60.  Also, I am really having fun with the Michael Kelly. Thanks to you, the neck on it now is very enjoyable to play, great job. " -David F. (Omaha)

" just wanted to let you know Ive been playing the Rickenbacker this eve and it feels and sounds great. Great job! I'm really pleased and will bring you all my setup work from now on! Thanks again!" -Steve V. (Omaha)


"Put my earplugs in and they're still ringing.  Great job on the Bandmaster"  Justin O. (Omaha)

"I used the amp at the show and for Lonely Estates practice and it sounds so much better." "The guitars play incredible. Thank you so much!" - Phil R. (Omaha)

"It took a few hours but I am now getting the hang of it and...WOW! I am getting some tones, grind and top end I always wished I had. The presence dial and bright switch

can put me in a range I couldn’t 
even come close to before the mod. "  Eric B. (Omaha)
"That pick up sounds amazing.  Thanks again dude." 
-Ben V.H. (Omaha)

"Awesome job on the H&K Michael.. why in the world wouldn't they just do that in the first place with these footswitches is beyond me.." -Gary T. (Omaha)



"I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my re-invigorated Vibro Champ.  It sounds great, especially with my vintage Duo Sonic II and my old single P-90 Gibson ES-175.  Thanks for taking such good care of it!  You've earned a loyal customer and I'll happily refer anyone I know who's gear needs some TLC!  Thanks again."
-Jim N. (Omaha)